volunteer archivist for the California Green Party


To preserve your green materials for posterity, send them to me. I've been volunteer archivist for the California Green Party since its inception, formally since 2000. In the past decade I've received the papers of some pioneers in our movement; Charlene Spretnak, Danny Moses, Kent Smith, Bob Brister, along with my own obsessive collecting. Mike Feinstein has an important collection in southern California (not to be morbid, but Mike should be looking for Nancy Broyles' papers).

My collection is mostly archivally preserved, but I could use help. It will eventually reside in some public place. (Preilinger, Sutro Library, The Bancroft, State Archives, Claremont College or, get this, the Hoover Institute). I hope to sell it to the highest bidder for the glory of the party.

I collect everything related to green political activism, loco and globo, with an emphasis on real things; paper records from locals, candidacies, events, meeting minutes, paper docs, publications, photos, posters, artwork, buttons, CDs, disks, electronic records, memories, ephemera...



Anyone with a blog or website; please consider giving me a button link to these pages.

575 58th street Oakland CA 94609