another Chapot family photo July 1970

Okay, one more family shot. I'm digitizing my pics, okay?

This photo was on my birthday, 7.22.70, our last summer in Millbrae. In October, Henry moved his family to Potrero Hill.

Henry's kids; Mary, Paul, Hank, Stephen, William and John.


A few years after our mother Mary Rita Chapot died, my father Henry...

A few years after our mother Mary Rita Chapot died, my father Henry remarried to Doris Morgan, a great beauty and artist. The local paper sent out a photographer for this pic, then they wrote the story as a "Parents without Partners" success story, and for the most part, it is.

top row; Henry, Doris. her daughter Sandra, my brother Bill,
front row; brother Paul, best-sister Vicki, dog Smokey, sister Mary, brother John, me with a front tooth missing and brother Steve holding his pet rat.


Can you identify this Photographer Club from the 1890s?

Just look at those cameras. Just look at them. Can you identify this photographer club? I found this photo at the Berkeley Ashby Flea Market a few years ago.


California Green Archives goes to Stanford's Hoover Library

Strange bedfellows is a cliche.but it works here. I've been volunteer archivist for the California Green Party since my beginnings in 1988, officially since 1999. Last week two nice archivists from the Hoover Library at Stanford came up to north Oakland and carted off my collection; 8 linear feet of metal-edge storage containers, 8 l.f. of records boxes full of candidate lit, publications, our first fifty press releases, videotapes, cassettes, three flat boxes of ephemera (buttons, bumperstickers, ancient storage media), full sets of voter guides and newsletters and three oversize folders of green candidate and global green posters.

It will be a few weeks in quarantine, a few months in processing and then its yours. I talked to archivists around the state. The Hoover Archives, being the largest political archives in the west and holder of a huge graphics collection, is an excellent, if incongruous, match.