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==New Articles in March 2006==

*[[Storybook Houses]] *[[William J. Quinn]] San Francisco Police Chief *[[Atherton Report]] *[[Edwin Atherton]] *[[Food Conspiracy]]

==Edited March 2006==

*[[Audie Bock]] * [[Jerry Brown]] criticisms, personal life *[[Hunter's Point]] *[[Gardener]] - added [[Peter Joseph Lenné]], * [[Thomas Jefferson]], * [[Hotsukimaru]], * [[Ihei Masatake]], * [[Ihei Sannojo]]

==New articles in February 06==

*[[William H. "Dad" Martin]] *[[The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012]] *[[Lone Mountain]] *[[Overland Monthly]] *[[Portsmouth Square]] *[[Kearney Street]] *[[Lotta's Fountain]] *[[Port of San Francisco]] began project... more work

==Edited February 06==

*[[Earl Warren]], added Alameda County info *[[Coup d'état]] *[[Jerry Brown]] added Barzaghi, added "political criticism of Jerry." *[[Adolph Sutro]] * [[Seal Rock]] *[[Cliff House]] *[[Preferential voting]] added San Francisco reference *[[Robert Louis Stevenson]] *[[Market Street]] * [[Hall of Justice]] * [[Proportional representation]] *[[Peter Camejo]] *[[University of California, Berkeley]] *[[Sabotage]] added "Righteous sab.." *[[Critical Mass]] conflicts *[[Port of Oakland]] added dredging info *[[Capote (film)]] plot and cast *[[Gardener]] added those who labor for money *[[Embarcadero]] San Francisco *[[San Francisco Belt Railroad]] *[[University of California, Berkeley]] setting *[[PG&E]] wrote a history and an environmental section *[[Brokeback Mountain]] I insist this is a [[star-crossed lovers]] story *[[Quentin Crisp]] five pounds of Henna

==New articles January 06== (fixes in February)

*[[Jack Lait (newspaperman)]] *[[Audie Bock]] Had to do it *[[Saint Margaret of Cortona]] new submission *[[London Calling (lyrics)]] Sorry, didn't think about copyright, (speedy deletion) *[[Jim Savage]] white man discoverer of [[Yosemite]]. *[[Matthew Brady (District Attorney)]] of [[San Francisco]]. *[[Wealth primary]] *[[Jack Manion]] Chinatown squad *[[Raker Act]] concerning [[Hetch Hetchy]] Valley Dam *[[Robert S. Allen]] journalist *[[California Senate Factfinding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities]] *[[Sally Stanford]] Madam, Mayor of [[Sausalito, California]] *[[Green Party of California]] *[[Sierra Valley, California]] *[[Dick Tuck]] Political trickster *[[Pest house]]

==Edited January 06==

*[[Spanish bombs]] Clash *[[University of California, Berkeley]] added list of labor unions, including mine, [[AFSCME]] and Brechin as further reading *[[Imperial Japanese Navy]] added Chitose reference *[[London Calling (song)]] added lyrics, they got reverted, created new page *[[Spanish bombs]] added lyrics from liner notes, copyright 1979 Nineden Ltd. (PRS))
*[[Lawnmowers]] - history, link *[[All in the Family]] trivia *[[1980s fashion]] punk, to do list *[[Tre Arrow]] changed charge to arson *[[Montgomery Block]] again More info, another reference *[[sabotage]] added environmental and political sab *[[Armand Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Richelieu]] added link [[The Devils]] and [[Three Musketeers]] films
*[[Adah Isaacs Menken]] added info, source *[[John McDougall]] *[[FBI]] added [[cointelpro]] sentence *[[Dutch Schultz]] added *[[Polly Adler]] reference *[[Federal Bureau of Investigation]] (added Estrada/Atherton citation) *[[None of the Above]] [[Green Party of California]] reference *[[Opposition research]] *[[Roger Lapham]], Mayor of San Francisco * [[Beniamino Bufano]] sculptor * [[Hetch Hetchy]] * [[Alexander Pantages]] added [[Jake Ehrlich]] *[[Polly Adler]] *[[Charlene Spretnak]] book list *[[California]] again *[[Montgomery Block]] again *[[University of California]] added labor union links *[[Peter Camejo]] criticisms *[[California]] poorest communitities *[[sabotage]] workplace, environmental, political *[[Dirty tricks]]

==New articles in December '05==

*[[Arthur Samish]] - *[[Potrero Point]] - *[[Dumpville]] - *[[Idora Park]] *[[Montgomery Block]] aka, [[Monkey Block]] *[[California Green Archives]] - *[[Sam Brannan]] - *[[Melvin Swig]] *[[Jake Ehrlich]] - *[[Good Roads Movement]]

==Edited in December '05==

*[[Tom Mooney]] - *[[Jerry Brown]] - *[[San Francisco Bay Bridge]] - *[[Claus Spreckels]] - *[[Preparedness Day bombing]] - *[[Union Iron Works]] - *[[Luisa Tetrazzini]] - *[[Angelo Rossi]] -

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