San Francisco Examiner lists 135 long-established house of prostitution

San Francisco Examiner lists 135 long-established houses of prostitution in the city.
Was your house once a brothel? Is your house on the list?

The San Francisco Examiner reported in March 1937 that private investigator Edwin Atherton, hired by the city to investigate police graft, delivered a list of 135 long-term brothels, called "resorts," to the Grand Jury investigation police corruption, finding bordellos in neighborhoods from South of Market to North Beach. 

Read the story of the police investigation and the fall of the House of McDonough in the new historical novel, "Bordello Politique," based on the true story of Dolly Fine, San Francisco's most notorious madam.

Sample the eBook, Bordello Politique; smashwords.com/books/view/106571
Background on the 1937 investigation; Dolly Fine.com (under construction)
by Hank Chapot hchapot@igc.org


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Very cool!

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Somethings never seem to change

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I checked a few of them on Google Maps. Several of them are now empty lots with nothing but the ruins of a foundation. Others have been replaced by new construction during the modernist craze of the 1950s-1970s. Still, an interesting list.

Hank Chapot said...


map of these addresses.

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