What May Happen When Robots Do All The Work. Hearst's 1938 American Weekly Sunday Magazine

 What May Happen When Robots Do All The Work
Special Laws to Make You Responsible For Their Behavior,
The more they approach perfection the more likely to betray their masters...And probably will turn out to be nature's weapon of punishing man for trying to conquer her.


Steve Finnell said...
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Tom Gandesbery said...

I'd love to read the article but the scan is not high enough resolution. Can you rescan and repost or send us to a place where it is online? Love the depiction of the robot coming at the young lass! Funny this issue is far from dead.

Hank Chapot said...

Tom, I could send you my jpegs.

mrme said...


This is a great article on the time weve entered into