California Green Archives

I am volunteer archivist for the California Green Party and started collecting stuff in 1990.

Here is the URL: http://www.cagreens.org/archives/

The California Green Archives and special collections was formally established in 2000. The archives exists to identify, collect, preserve and make available records of enduring value to green activists, scholars, writers, historians and journalists, and for future generations.

The original plan was made by me, Archives founder Hank Chapot, to collect and preserve minutes and reports on the Early effort to establish the Green Movement/Party in California. A voluntary offer was made when I was a member of the early coordinating committee of the Green Party Organizing Committee in 1991. From that original offer I began to save everything I could as the Greens grew from a the CoCs to the Green Party of California. As an Activist in the San Francisco Bay Area, I had access to traveling Greens from other States and Nations, and I was an early participant in the effort to establish a National Green Party through membership in the Green Politics Network and as an early proponent of the Confederation/Association of State Green Parties. Since its formal establishment in the year 2000, I have used two small grants from the Green Network and The GPCA.

There are no restrictions on accessing the materials except that they do not leave the premises, currently my home office in Oakland California.

1. Archives will hold any documentary materials relating to the founding and establishment of the Green Committees of Correspondence, the Green Party of California and the wider Green political movement in the USA and beyond.

2. Archives will seek special collections from individuals involved in the founding and early development of the American Green Movement and Parties.

3. Archives will survey available collections and contact current and former Green Party activists and campaigns. Transfers and acquisitions will be made in accordance with a written policy statement, supported by adequate resources and only when consistent with the mission of the archives.

4. Archives will provide accessioning, preservation, description and management of the collection for eventual deposiytion at a legitimate public Archives.


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