Safe for whom?

from the Progressive Review Blog;

HANK CHAPOT, CA - David Cobb and his supporters in the Green party have a plan to sit out the election by concentrating on non-battleground states, but they have been unable to answer one simple question about their so-called "safe states" strategy, "safe for whom?" I have been unable to get them to explain to me, as an informed Green voter, why, in a state where my vote could have an impact, they don't want it, and in a state where my vote won't matter, they want it.

Sadly, this is a result of the two-party lock on the electoral system and the failure of nerve in some Greens exhausted by the current drumbeat against third party politics in the media and by the Democrat party. But the "safe states strategy" will do the work for the opposition. It is a good way to destroy a third party because the spoiler threat is the only cudgel Greens currently wield. Heck, we might as well endorse William Jennings Bryan.

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